Who we are





Tectal was founded in 1997 by the present president, Pierre Tremblay, who holds degrees in engineering from McGill University of Montreal, University of London and Imperial College of London.  He has worked for twenty-five years in engineering and R&D in the alumin­ium industry.


The business objective of Tectal is to commercialize up-scale building prod­ucts made of anodized aluminium.




We strive for excellence in roofing


Excellence in choice of materials

Tectal proposes to use, for roof cover construction, only stable and recyclable metals or minerals, recognized over a long period of time for their resistance to the elements. 


Excellence in design

Through proper design incorporating technical as well as other knowledge, we materialize roofing covers second to none other in aesthetics and durability.


Excellence in safety

We apply the best available safety standards to the fabrication of Tectal roof covers.


Likewise, we develop or incorporate into our designs what is required to create a safe working environment for the installation of a Tectal roof.


Excellence in the protection of the environment

We recycle 100% of the process scrap.  As for in­stallation scrap, we work closely with roofers to achieve 100% collection on the job site.


At the eventual end of the life of the building on which it is installed, a Tectal roof cover will be dismantled and reused as is, reanodized into the same or another color and reused, or perhaps remelted and rolled into aluminum sheet.  Remelting does not give off any fumes because there is no paint to burn.


Excellence in energy savings

A Tectal roof is designed to limit heat flow to the building so that the air conditioning load is reduced.